Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Afterthoughts of the Wedding...

AFTERTHOUGHTS of Penny and Sam.  What could be a more appropriate blog description, seeing as we are two of the world's greatest procrastinators!  The tardiness of this post in no way reflects a lack of desire or enthusiasm for writing about simply the funnest, greatest day of our lives - our wedding day!

We were married on Friday, September 24, 2010 (such an aesthetically pleasing date!) in the LDS Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Some of you may not know much about LDS Temples.  In our Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), a temple is a very sacred place where a man and a woman can not only be married "until death do you part," but can be sealed for time and all eternity.  We've had to prepare all our lives to be worthy to enter this holy place and be married.  It was very beautiful and very special to have our family and close friends there with us.  After discussing much about our experience, we both felt overwhelming feelings of love from those who were there with us during the ceremony.  Many thanks to all those who attended!

It was a beautiful and surprisingly warm day.  When we came out of the Temple there was a large cheer from family and friends waiting for us outside.

We took several photos around the Temple grounds, and my oh my was it beautiful!  Here are a few for you to see.

We then headed back to the Yarbrough residence to start getting ready for the reception.  Everything turned out more beautiful then I ever imagined, especially my FLOWERS (which were done by my best friend Kristen Irvine Adams), and my CAKE (which was done by my dear brother Jon).  Those of you who know me really well know how close I am with both Kris and Jon, and it was such an honor to have them be a part of making our wedding day beautiful.

Flower pics:
 The most amazing bouquet I've ever seen in my life... and it was mine!!!

 Tables with centerpieces

 Close up of centerpiece

 Kris made flower arrangements for all the lamp posts too... unbelievable!

 Cake pics:

 Cake detail - all designed hand-made by Jon

Ta da!  The finished masterpiece!

If you couldn't tell by our photos already, our wedding colors were BROWN and PURPLE - Sam's favorite color and my favorite color respectively.  To my surprise, they came together beautifully! (this was largely due to the flowers Kris, THANK YOU!).

I simply LOVED how my bridesmaids' dresses turned out as well.  I gave each of my sisters the same fabric and told them they could design their dresses any way they wanted, provided they were long, all the way to the ground.  I wanted this for more of a formal feel.  Aren't my sisters beautiful??!

 The Wing Sibs (all except Ben)

 Doing what we do best...

Sam and his beautiful sisters

 Yarbrough Fam

Wing Fam

My flower girls all had matching brown dresses.  Precious!

"Cutting the cake" consisted of each picking up an individual cake impeccably prepared by Jon and shoving it in each other's faces.  Fun!

We had a receiving line to greet guests, which I actually never wanted to do, but it turned out great.  It didn't seem like we were standing in it too long, and it was nice to get to talk to everyone.

 Standing in the line with the parentals

Dancing was honestly the funnest part!!!  I mean, I know I'm a dancer so I'm somewhat biased, but i just love it.  My "daddy-daughter" dance was especially tender...

Which turned into a Wing family dance... (everyone except Ben that is)  =(

After dancing it was off in our limousine to The Grand America Hotel!  Ohhhh my... what a wonderful day!!!  I'm so glad to have all the stresses over and done with that come when planning a wedding, but sometimes I honestly wish i could re-live that day!  It was truly amazing, and so is being married!!!